Are you living like a Chicken or an Eagle?

There is a farmer who found an egg in a farm, not knowing it was an eagle’s egg and he thought it was a chicken egg. He picked it up and stared for a while, decided to put the egg in his chicken’s nest. He taught that when a hen incubates it, it would eventually be hatched. True enough, a few days later, the egg hatched, and a baby eagle came out.

Since the eagle came out in an environment of chickens, he got used into what these fowls did – the way they played, ate, walked and moved. Because the eagle was hatched with chickens around him, he started to believe that he too was a chicken – he ate, played and lived like them. The young eagle even thought that he really couldn’t fly high since chickens could not fly, or if they did, they only fly over low fences.

One day, while walking with his “fellow chickens”, the eagle saw the bird ( not knowing it was an eagle) fying high in the sky. He stared at the bird that he saw for the first time and told the chick beside him,

” Paglaki ko, Sana makalipad ako kagaya ng ibon na yan!”

“Magtigil ka!”, said one chicken he thought was one of his siblings.
“Tandaan mo, manok ka lang!”

Just when the eagle was about to give up hoping and just keep on believing he couldn’t fly, an environmentalist came over to visit the farm.

When the environmentalist saw the baby eagle, he pointed at him and told the farmer, ” Do you know that, that is an eagle?”
The farmer immediately replied, ” No, that is a chicken.”

To prove that he was right, the environmentalist picked up the eagle and tried to release him carefully to let him fly, but it fell on the ground.

” I told you,” the farmer said, ” That is a chicken.”
Still trying to prove he was right, the environmentalist went up the rooftop of the farmer’s house and there tried it again, but for the second time it fell.

Believing that the eagle was different, the environmentalist asked the farmer one favor. “Since you already have so many chicks and chickens here and you believe that this one is a chicken, can I just have this?”
the farmer gave in to the request and so the environmentalist took the eagle with him.

Bringing the baby eagle with him, the environmentalist climbed up to the highest mountain, and there, he talked to the eagle, with his word…

” You are an eagle created by God, the only flying creature that can stare at the sun. You are born to be the king of the birds! With keen eyesight, power that is set apart from the other birds, created with special strength. You can fly at high altitudes! Storms will not scare you because you can fly above the storms!”

So, the young eagle looked straight at the sun and he realized who he was. He started to spread his wings and flew up high until nowhere to be seen.
That was the last time the environmentalist saw the eagle.

Yes, it pays to realize who you are!

You are born with wings and ready to fly in the journey of life. But sadly, this is true not only for eagles and chickens but also to a lot of people. They were born to fly but chose to walk. Born to be successful but chose to be a failure. Born to live in an abundant life but chose to live in lack.

You become what you believe!

What you really think everyday of your life is true. You are what you are.
God can do something bigger and better if you just know the purpose why he created you. Be willing to take risk.

Start the blessing in You. Believe that you will have a blessed, victorious and abundant life, and live like eagles. No matter what environment you were raised in, God created you to soar. Believe you can fly!

Don’t go around expecting the same thing in your life. God has something great in store for you if you will just dare to believe.

Soar like eagles and unleashed your highest potential!

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Your friend to your Success,

Ken Baysa
Internet Entrepreneur Coach

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