Why Many Pinoys Hate Their Jobs?

Majority of employees really don’t like their jobs.
Many won’t admit it because if they’ll say “I hate my job” then people will ask them…
“E, ano pang ginagawa mo sa company na yan?”

So they’ll keep it in themselves.
But really, they’re somewhat forced to take that job because they need money, they need income, so even if they hate their job…kapit tuko sila.
I’ll give you one reason why many are stuck and “secretly” hate their jobs…

First, I would say that you know when you were in high school, syempre bata ka pa, immature ka and then you’re going to college.
You need to make a big decision.
Because your degree in college is a preparation for your professional job, right?
But here’s the thing…

I would say because of our immaturity when we were in high school only few people know EXACTLY what they really want back then.

For most us, hindi mo pa naman talaga alam eh, right?
So you took a course or a degree somewhat ito ay influenced by people around you.
You took nursing, or you took an engineering course, or education to become a public teacher, to become an accountant, to become a scientist or whatever.
Maybe you took it because that was the advice from your rich uncle. Or by your best friend. Or nung tambay dyan sa kanto.

In the end, you took a profession that’s really not based what you really want in life.
Dahil bata ka pa nun. Di mo pa alam ang buhay.
Ang alam mo lang, basta naka-kurbata, may pera.
Akala mo pag nag-oopisina, ma-pera or masaya.

But then, nabulaga ka after working for many years in the corporate world that it’s not what it is.

Sadly, things won’t change in your life unless you make something different.
That’s why Lots Of Regular Filipinos Are Starting To Experience Time Freedom & Financial Abundance Thanks to The “Proven Income System”..
We teach people to think better for them to discover…”Ano ba talaga ang gusto ko sa buhay?”

“Ano nga bang opportunity meron ako sa paligid ko ngayon?”
“Paano nga ba ako kikita ng malaki at the same time masaya sa ginagawa ko?”
Bottom line is, if you keep what you’re doing right now, you’ll get the same results. 10 years from now, you’ll be in the same situation.

Maybe a different job or in a different company but still… you hate it.
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To Your Freedom,
Ken Baysa
Internet Entrepreneur Coach

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